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Beautiful Architectural Accents, Inside and Out.
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Stucco accents transform your house into a beautiful home!

"StyroTrim stucco accents transformed the house into something unique and beautiful."

Don Hirsch, Designer, HGTV's Curb Appeal.

Stucco  Exterior Window Trim





Stucco  Exterior Window Trim

*All trim accents comes in standard 85" lengths.
Sills also come at specified lengths you need with finished ends.
Stucco Quoins, window sill, flat trim on top of window, circle
Products Shown:
Window Sill
Flat Trim at top of Window
Decorative Shutters
Stucco  Exterior Window Trim
Products Shown:
Decorative Window Trim - Squared Trim with Window Sill

Stucco window Sill

Stucco  Exterior Window Sill Products Shown:
Window Sill (#3512) Accents
Excellent for Window retrofit projects!
Stucco Arches, Stucco Columns Products Shown:
6" Flat Trim with Arches
12" Column
Stucco Trims and Quoins Products Shown:
Quoins at corners
Window Sills
4" Deco Soft Round Trim at around garages.

See additional photo below.

Products Shown:
Quoins at corners
Window Sills (used as band)
Entry Arch
4" Deco Round Trim at around entry
4" Deco Trim used as "picture frame"

This photo shows the above home's entrance as faux finishing is in progress on quoins and trims.

Products Shown:
Deco Trim Arches framed Palladian windows, terminating at corners adorned with Sills.

Arched Deco Trim
Stucco Quatrafoil
Products Shown:
Flat Stick Trim 2" x 4" frame the garage door.  Adorned with Keystone and Quatrefoil.
Products Shown:
Flat Stick Trim 2" x 4" -- used for any size window or door.  Easy to cut to any length.


Accent your window trim and sill with a Keystone
Products Shown:
Accent your window trim and sill with a Keystone...adornments to enhance any window or doorway.  Perfect after window retrofits to "hide" the window flange.

Stucco Keystone


Products Shown:
Beautiful Accents to enhance the look of your home.  6" Flat Trim.

Arches over windows
Products Shown:
Arches over windows
Window Sills
Sills also used as "belly band" around house.
Flat Trim door header
Products Shown:
6" Flat Trim Circle at Roof Vent made with 2 arches
Products Shown:
Deco Trims at windows
Finished end Window Sills
12" Round Columns
Deco Trim Arch with straight Trim over entry wood siding.

Good example of retrofitting new trim on different wall surfaces to modernize curb appeal.

Products Shown:
Combination of Flat Stick Trim - 2x6's and 2x4's used to completely finish the trim of a window


Products Shown:
Full Home Trim with two Decorative Window Sills.   Provides Curb Appeal to any style or size home.

Stucco Window Sill


Products Shown:
12" Flat Trim with
4" Deco Round Trim added
Products Shown:
Reveal #CR2016 (under lamp)
12"  Flat Trim as "belly band"
10" Flat Trim at Windows
Window Sill

Stucco Reveal
Products Shown:
Reveal #CR2016
4" Flat used as sill
Products Shown:
Tapered columns without cap/base
6" Arch over door
Flat Trim at door and windows
6" Half Round arched windows
Quatrefoil Design above porch
Products Shown:
Specified length Window Sill with finished ends.  Also used: small corbils/brackets as adornments (above window.)

Used to accent window retrofit.

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