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Flat Trims:

Flat trims easily install around windows and doorways, adding architectural interest, style and a more finished look.

Flat Stick Trim 85 inch lengths and specific lengths with flat finished ends.

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Top Slant -
The top of the trim can be flat, or slanted to help in draining water away from the wall, or can be used as a design feature. Select an angle, slanted downward from back to front, for the top of the trim.

End Slant -
The ends of the trim can be cut to a desired angle across the face of the trim to produce a design feature, instead of leaving the ends straight.

Our new house was beautifully finished at the front but the back and side windows were just unfinished. The flat trims were the most economical way to go and produced a good, understated result".

Charles and Melanie Smith, Prescott, AZ.

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