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Arches are made with the same profiles of any of the standard trim pieces in our online catalog. You will be asked for a trim style (profile) when you place your order. Standard arches are typically applied to a flat, vertical surface - around windows, and archways, and even to create a circle by combining two half arches. Inside and outside barrel arches are not typical and are explained below.

Standard Arches are all custom-made to your dimensions.

To order your custom-made arches, you will need to measure exactly the inside dimensions (in inches) as shown in the circular arch diagrams below. Both the inside Width (blue) and the inside Height (green) must be entered in the appropriate boxes. When ordering, select the style/profile of arch you want from the drop-down box. These styles are the same profiles as the stock trims found in the online catalog, which may be viewed for comparison.

Arch Stucco TrimsStucco Trim Arches

Most arches are true circular arches, or ones based on a circle with a radius. Standard arches are either half-circle or less than half-circle arches. The above images show true, circular arches; one being a half-circle arch and the other a less than half-circle arch. Both can have the same radius but one is only a piece of the half-circle arch. This is why we ask for the Height (green) and the Width (blue), not the radius.

Please Note: If your arch is not a true circular arch with a radius, these would be considered specialty arches and would require you to provide a pattern.

Other Non-Standard Arch Types:

Inside Barrel Arch -
Inside Barrel Arches are typically used for an inside corner, horizontally on a wall that is curved inward; on an inside surface of an arched opening (rather than the vertical face of the opening); or on a vaulted ceiling, each with the coating on the inside of the curve and edges. Where the arch adheres to the (wall/ceiling) surface there is no coating. You can use the online system to order this arch.

Outside Barrel Arch -
Outside Barrel Arches are typically used on an outside corner, horizontally on a wall that is curved outward, or mounted onto other curved surfaces, with the coating on the outside of the curve and edges. Where the arch adheres to the (wall/ceiling) surface there is no coating. You can use the online system to order this arch.

Your arch will match the measured dimensions you provide to us, so please CHECK ALL MEASUREMENTS before ordering.

"StyroTrim was the only company I could find who would make a complex arch exactly to my client's specification".

Phil Coldwell, P. Coldwell Contractors, Inc., Tucson, AZ.

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